rick van den bosch .net – part 1

So that’s part 1: www.rickvandenbosch.net is now online. There’s nothing to be found over there yet, but the domain has been delivered. Oh, and there’s an easy redirect to my blog, so that goes back here ;). From now on, you can also use rickvandenbosch.net/blog as the url to find my blog. I’m currently talking to the bloggingabout.net admin to mirror my content over there, for now it’s just a redirect. Keep posted for more updates on the new domain.

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BloggingAbout: we’re back

Dennis already blogged about it: we had some problems with the availability of BloggingAbout since last night. The error was fixed this afternoon, so everything should be back to normal. If you’re experiencing any difficulties, please let me know through the contact form, or mail me at rick.van.den.bosch[at]bloggingabout.net.

Blogging @ Almere

Today was the first of two introduction days at Avanade. Maybe you missed it, but I started there today. And that’s why I’m writing this blogpost from a hotel in Almere, using my new Avanade laptop. ;)

I’m sure there will be lots of stuff to blog about, so stay tuned for more…

Which blog software to use …

I’m thinking of hosting a blog myself. Most important reason would be that bloggingabout.net doesn’t allow some stuff like scripts, embedding flash and links to things like the ‘connect with me’ button and so on. Which is completely understandable by the way. What I’m not sure about is which software to use. Do you guys have any tips on which blogging software to use? Or maybe even on if I should or shouldn’t host it for myself? If you do, let me know.

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Spam frenzy

The last two weeks or so, my blog has been hit by a wave of comment spam. Every morning there are 20-something comments like ‘Nice’ or ‘Sorry :(‘ to be deleted. Fairly pointless posts… The only link they contain seems to be in the URL field, and not in the message like they used to. Do they really think a blogger would see that kind of rubbish as a serious comment?

I recall Dennis posting something about filtering out one-word-comments, but I can’t find the exact post. Maybe I’ll just have to try playing with the spam score setting for marking comments as spam…

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Blog silence – Is blogging getting less popular?

Sure, we’re still a bit in the holiday season. But the last few months it seems to get quieter in the [wikipedia:blogosphere], and specifically the technical part of it. Maybe I’m just imagining it, but it feels like blogging isn’t as popular as it used to be. How are you guys experiencing this?

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I’m baaack …

So, after some relaxing at home and a very cool holiday in Spain, I’m about to go to work again next monday. And with that, I’ll be picking up all my ‘normal day’ hobbies and stuff. So, I’ll try and pick up blogging (and taking pictures) again, just for you guys ;). Stay tuned … !


Hey! Ho! Let’s Go ..

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Opened a photo blog

As you may know, I started out at blogger. I haven’t used that blog over there for the last two years, but now it is up and running again! This time, I’m using it as my photo blog. I recently got my new camera, and I didn’t want to mix picture-posts with my software development related posts over here. So if you’re interested, go take a look over there. Next to the link earlier in this post, you can find a link @ the news section of this site, in the left sidebar.

Changed host

As I mentioned before, bloggingabout.net got a bit unstable recently. Our administrator saw this, and migrated us to a new host. All DNS servers should be updated by now, so the new host is fully operational. This should make us fully stable again. Together with this move, he also updated our community to Community Server 2007. And because we were into making changes, I updated the look of my blog (again… ;) ).

I hope you enjoy bloggingabout.net even more now!

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Blog unstable

You’ve probably noticed it yourself. Bloggingabout.Net seems to be a bit unstable since a week or so. But it’s not just us: my rss reader indicates http://weblogs.asp.net has had some problems lately too. Is there any relation between these two sites? Do they happen to use the same database server? Or is it all just purely coincidence…

I don’t know what the problem exactly is, but I’m sure our administrator is working hard to get bloggingabout.net up and smoothly running as soon as possible again.

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