Fixing the Remote Desktop Connection to a Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure

A few minutes before my second session at the Dutch Techdays started I tried connecting to my Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure through remote desktop. It didn’t connect… The RDP client tried to connect to the Virtual Machine, but nothing happened.

So I rebooted the VM and tried connecting again, confident that this would solve the problem. It didn’t connect…. again. As I started stressing out a bit (the VM was the main character of my session) I thought of one last thing I could try.

Fixing the issue

The next steps helped me save my Virtual Machine without too much loss of time (I was able to connect again just before the start of my session!):

  • Go to the Azure Management Portal
  • Open up the details of the VM you’re having trouble with
  • Go to the ENDPOINTS tab (see image below)
  • Select the ‘Remote Desktop’ endpoint and click EDIT at the bottom of the screen
  • Change the public port to a different (random) number
  • Wait for the changes to be propagated
  • Success!

Azure Management Portal

Hope this helps.

Techdays 2014 The Netherlands

As I wrote earlier I presented at the 2014 Dutch Techdays. The session content is now available online. Find it here (Dutch):


Speaking at TechDays 2014

Techdays14_Logo_1I’m proud to announce that this year I’ll be speaking at the TechDays in the World Forum in Den Haag, April 16 – 17. This session will be about High Performance Computing in Windows Azure.

Camera resolutions keep increasing, your digital behavior on websites and in apps is collected, images that satellites make get more and more detailed and (research) equipment produces more data. The amount of data that’s being stored keeps increasing. This data often has to be processed to become information. With increasing amounts of data to be processed the need for a Cluster like solution to achieve this within acceptable time grows. With the rise of the Cloud you don’t need to have that Cluster in the basement anymore, but you can leverage the power and capacity of the Cloud. In this session you see how High Performance Computing in Windows Azure can be used to distribute processing tasks to multiple machines in Windows Azure.

Microsoft DevDays ‘09, I’m attending!

Thanks to our friends at Microsoft (and their great BizSpark program) I will be able to attend DevDays ‘09! We won tickets because we updated our company profile and added projects at the Discover Metro site. Normally attending this kind of event is not available to young startups like ours, but now it is!

I’ll be seeing you @ The Hague next week :)

I will return…

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks. Between (the announcements at) all the congresses to follow like PDC and Tech·Ed, all the projects to do, the rehearsal for the musical I’m in in December (Dutch) and the start of our new company (Dutch), I didn’t have a lot of time to blog…

Since we expect things to settle down in the next couple of days, I’m expecting to pick up where I left in a week or so. Hang in there, and if you have any subjects you would like me to blog about or any questions you would like answered: let me know. Oh, and try to keep those subjects and/or questions development related. ;)

PS I’m guessing you know why I didn’t title this post “I’ll be back” :)

LogicaCMG open house (The Netherlands)

Thursday the 10th of May LogicaCMG The Netherlands organises an open house for ICT professionals. From 4 pm until 9 pm colleagues will be available to answer any and all questions you might have about (working at) LogicaCMG. People active in all of our competences will be present. The open house is hosted at some of our locations across the country. This time, the lucky locations are: Amstelveen, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Rijswijk. I myself will be present at our location in Eindhoven. To sign up, just send me your info. Try to add your name, address, phonenumber, e-mail address and if possible your curriculum vitae. You can find more info at (Dutch page).

By the way: in Eindhoven the open house is hosted at the 19th floor of our building. With clear weather, it offers a great view of Eindhoven and beyond…

Campagne LogicaCMG

We’re back!

This morning we landed in Amsterdam at approximately 7.30 am. We had a great week in America, starting of with the great sessions at Microsoft for LEAP. Together with a colleague of mine (Ruud Campsteijn) I stayed for a few more days, so we got to see some more than just the inside of the Microsoft building, like an NBA game, the Boeing factory, Downtown Seattle and so on. You will be hearing more about the LEAP sessions in a little while. Right now, I’ve been awake for 24 30 hours straight, so it might be a good idea to go sleep now…

The last thing I did today before I’ll be going to sleep in a minute (except for writing this blogpost) was sign up with technorati. I’m trying to find out how I can realy use it, but the first step has been made. Tomorow I’ll try to get the search and ‘view profile’ links working. I’ll blog to you guys later. But first, let’s get some sleep …

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Tech·Ed Developers 2006

Sadly, I will not be attending the 2006 European developer Tech·Ed. Fortunately, the reason I won’t be there is quite nice: I am currently attending Microsoft’s ‘LEAP for aspiring architects’ program, which enables me to visit Redmond next January! So although I will not be visiting Spain next week, America is whitin reach! I’m looking forward to visiting the Microsoft Campus. I’ll post all the interesting information over here …

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BloggingAbout .Net meeting? – Part 2

I’ve received lot’s of positive reactions on the post about organizing a meeting. I’ll  try to squeeze in organizing a meeting in the near future. But see the near future somewhere between now and a few months. As you can image lot’s of stuff should be taken care of: a place to have the meeting, food & drinks, a decent agenda and maybe even guestspeakers. And to keep everything affordable for all the visitors: maybe we should consider finding a sponsor. But before we go there it’s important to make sure it’s possible.

So if you feel the need to take up this challenge with me: drop me a line. I’ll start out after next week, because then the deadline on my current project is come and gone.

DevDays 2006

I attended the DevDays 2006 and my overall impression was: cool. Allthough some of the sessions I attended weren’t good (or actually, were very bad), the overall feeling is good and I picked up on some great stuff. Meeting up with some smart people is also a good addition to attending the sessions.

The most impressive session I attended was Scott Guthrie on Atlas. Microsoft is doing its best in making the life of developers easier. My guess is they are getting there pretty fast. The AJAX framework they are developing, called Atlas, makes it possible for you to AJAX-enable your site within a few minutes. There’s a dummy-proof implementation which takes almost no knowledge of JavaScript or whatever to AJAX enable your site. But there also are possibilities to take it to the next level and write lots of complex code and JavaScript to take even more advantage of AJAX.

Another great session was Anko Duizer on MSF. I think that because of the movement IBM is making with RUP (gradually pulling it more and more to Java), Microsoft has brought their way of developing software to market supported by the Team System/Team Foudation suite. Anko talked about MSF and the rules used to ensure a good software development process. That was interesting stuff…
For those who attended: the best rule I heard was "Don’t shake the Jell-O".