Error saving Galileo Wiring App in Visual Studio

'The operation could not be completed' error when saving Galileo Wiring AppLast week I received my Intel Galileo board (from and I started playing with developing for it yesterday. I created a first test project, but it didn’t run. Visual Studio couldn’t find the Arduino header file, which was probably due to a missing NuGet package (the Galileo C++ SDK). I tried to save the project, because you need to before you can manage NuGet packages, but to no avail. Visual Studio served me a ‘The operation could not be completed’ error without any additional information.

imageA while ago I posted about some handy settings in Visual Studio like Zero-impact projects & Cutting/copying empty lines. Turns out that the Windows for IoT project template does some extra things upon creation. And with the ‘Save new projects when created’ checkbox unchecked, it’s not able to do that. Rendering the project unsaveable…


The solution

It’s as easy as it is ugly to have to do this: simply check the checkbox in ‘Save new projects when created’ before creating your Windows for IoT project. Then you’re good to go…!

Hope this helps

Blu-Ray coming to the Xbox 360?

I’m not entirely sure about the article on Digitimes. One of the reasons is because it was posted on April first. Another reason is the way it is written. But if it turns out to be true, I’m going to have to get a Blu-Ray player for my Xbox 360… ;)

A quote from the article:

Lite-On IT is developing built-in Blu-ray Disc-(BD) ROM drives for the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console, according to industry sources. Lite-On declined to comment, citing client confidentiality.
Lite-On’s shipments of the BD ROMs to Microsoft will start in the second half of 2008, the sources added. Lite-On is currently one of the suppliers of Xbox 360-use internal DVD-ROM drives.

Read the entire article over here (you be the judge…): Lite-On developing BD-ROM drives for Xbox 360, sources say

Microsoft has denied that Lite-On is developing blu-ray drives for the Xbox. And I guess that makes the Digitimes article just another rumour about blu-ray and Xbox 360. But… they are not denying they’re coming with a blu-ray drive ;)

The article starts out with:
Microsoft has insisted that Lite-on will not be making Blu-ray drives for its Xbox 360, despite widespread internet rumours to the contrary.

Read the full article at TechRadar: Microsoft: Lite-On NOT making Blu-ray drive.

Short personal update – March 2008

This weekend we got back from a skiing trip we went on with the school my girlfriend works at. We had a great time! The kids were great, and so were the teachers and the Huski people who were there to teach the kids how to ski and snowboard. If they need an extra pair of hands next year, I hope they’ll consider me: I’d be happy to join them.

I ordered my new phone this weekend. I arrived home 10 minutes ago, and the postman had beaten me to it: there was a note saying they will try delivering my phone again tomorrow. I hope they’ll come when I’m at home, so I can go ahead and play with it. Boys will be boys, right? And then there’s the combination boys & toys…. ;)

My ‘old’ phone is going to my girlfriend, because some m***erf***ers broke in and stole lots of stuff, like our laptop and her PDA phone. I can’t understand why people do such a thing, why they just take something of someone else. I guess some people don’t have a bit of decency in them… ( </angry mode> )

We will be looking for a new laptop, any tips are welcome. And, of course, I’m open for buzzing / WOMM ;)

Earphones gone bad

Until the Zune is available in Europe (when will that be, if ever…), I’m using an iPod. To be honest, I’m pretty satisfied with the product although iTunes still doesn’t feel like a solid piece of software… (understatement anyone?)

After lots of hours playtime the original earphones of my iPod died, or at least the right one did. I went through the Apple store and found the ‘original’ earphones over there. Because of the annoying squeaky sound the cord makes in the inside of the lower part of the earphone, I wanted to try different ones. I ended up choosing the newer (and more expensive!) Apple iPod in-ear headphones.

Some of the features:
– nicer, sleeker design
– no more squeaking
– feels better in the ears
– lousy sound quality!

After having used the new earphones for 3 minutes, I put them back in the box they came in and I haven’t touched them since. It might be me, but the sound that came from those earphones didn’t even resemble the music they were supposed to be playing. I tried virtually every equalizer setting on my iPod, but none of them could make it better. For now I’ve switched back to old school earphones that came with my discman (!) years ago. I guess I’ll be selecting new ones, again.

DreamScene is here! But what happened to the other Windows Vista Ultimate Extras?

Back in July, Barry Goffe (Director Windows Vista Ultimate) mentioned that the missing Extras identified in January would be released at the end of the summer. I just got a bit curious about when these Extras would finally be released, so I visited again. And there it was: DreamScene was released recently (September 25th). And although I’m not quite sure if I’ll use this ever day, it’s kind of a cool feature. Isn’t it?

On the other hand: I’m still waiting for more Ultimate Extras. The ones Barry Goffe talks about are only Windows DreamScene and the remaining 20 Language Packs. But Microsoft made us believe there would be so many more. I can imagine the extras were a reason for a people to choose Ultimate. Let’s see if Microsoft will “ship a collection of additional Windows Ultimate Extras over the next couple years that we are confident will delight our passionate Windows Vista Ultimate customers“. According to the blogpost, “once we ship Windows DreamScene and the remaining Language Packs, we will provide more information about the next Extras“. We’ll see.

Just in: new toys!

Last tuesday evening I ordered them, and just over an hour ago they came in: my new toys. I’m talking about my brandnew Canon EOS 400D!!! I started out with the kit lens (18-55), and I’ll get going with that, trying some stuff with this lens. And I just might order another in the future, but you have to start somewhere, right ;)

I immediately made some shots, and I’m glad I bought the camera already. Maybe I’ll post some pics I make in the future. And by the way: if anyone has any tips on some good (online) photography courses, let me know, or drop a line in the comments. ;)

I remembered I had a tripod laying around here somewhere. I asked for it a couple of years ago, to use with my Sony DSC S85. I never used it extensively, but that’s gonna change now my new friend is here! For those of you who are interested: I have a Giottos VT-808 tripod. I added a picture on the right.

Happy (photo) snapping!