rick van den bosch .net – part 1

So that’s part 1: www.rickvandenbosch.net is now online. There’s nothing to be found over there yet, but the domain has been delivered. Oh, and there’s an easy redirect to my blog, so that goes back here ;). From now on, you can also use rickvandenbosch.net/blog as the url to find my blog. I’m currently talking to the bloggingabout.net admin to mirror my content over there, for now it’s just a redirect. Keep posted for more updates on the new domain.

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.NET framework source code now available

As stated on ScottGu’s blog in his latest post, the .NET Framework Library Source Code is now available. A detailed blog post about the steps to follow to enable .NET Framework source access in Visual Studio 2008 can be found at Shawn Burke’s blog in this post.

Taken from Scott’s post:
Once you follow the configuration steps in Shawn’s post above, you’ll be able to dynamically load the debug symbols for .NET Framework libraries and step into the source code. VS 2008 will download both the symbols and source files on demand from the MSDN reference servers as you debug throughout the framework code.

Notepad translation error?

Have a look at this article at Worse Than Failure. That’s pretty funny. Or actually, pretty scary… :|

Oh and, by the way, the Rick in the article is not me ;).

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