After using for over 12 (!!) years (I started blogging here on March 1st 2005), my blog has moved to I wanted to have more control over what I could do with the blog, and wanted to integrate it with my personal website. I’m still working on getting everything just right, but version 0.1 is now available :)

The version over here at will probably stay around for quite some time, but all new posts will be posted at the new URL. In the future I will look into forwarding any links to the new blog, but I’m not there yet. I’ve migrated all posts and comments to the new blog. Comments for this version of my blog have been disabled, but like I said: all posts and comments have been migrated, so we can continue right over there.

A big thank you to Dennis who kept (and still keeps) up & running for all these years.

Techdays 2014 The Netherlands

As I wrote earlier I presented at the 2014 Dutch Techdays. The session content is now available online. Find it here (Dutch):


Speaking at TechDays 2014

Techdays14_Logo_1I’m proud to announce that this year I’ll be speaking at the TechDays in the World Forum in Den Haag, April 16 – 17. This session will be about High Performance Computing in Windows Azure.

Camera resolutions keep increasing, your digital behavior on websites and in apps is collected, images that satellites make get more and more detailed and (research) equipment produces more data. The amount of data that’s being stored keeps increasing. This data often has to be processed to become information. With increasing amounts of data to be processed the need for a Cluster like solution to achieve this within acceptable time grows. With the rise of the Cloud you don’t need to have that Cluster in the basement anymore, but you can leverage the power and capacity of the Cloud. In this session you see how High Performance Computing in Windows Azure can be used to distribute processing tasks to multiple machines in Windows Azure.

Coming home

Just a small post today: as of September first I joined Betabit (site is in Dutch).
After having had several employers in the last few years, this feels like coming home.

On our way to do nice things…!

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Making Valid choices

Valid logo

As of December first I’ll be joining the ranks of Valid ( – Dutch website). I’m very excited to start over there and I am convinced we will be able to do great stuff together :)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank BDO ( – Dutch website) for the past period and wish them all the best with the plans for the future of ‘our’ system.

Update 14 Jan 2011
Valid now has (the beginning of) an English website available: see here.

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Changing lanes

As you probably know I’ve worked for my own company for quite a while (see my post ‘A new challenge‘ of October first 2008). Because business was good, I had way too little time to keep this blog up to date. Sorry for that…

Since the beginning of this month, that all has changed: I joined BDO (Dutch site) and can now work ‘normal’ hours in stead of ‘I-own-my-own-company-and-have-to-make-every-minute-of-every-day-count’ hours. I’ll probably still be pretty busy, but there’s a difference between busy and busy… ;)
I’ll be keeping you posted about stuff I run into, think about or find interesting. As long as they have anything to do with software development of course… And if you have any suggestions, questions or requests: let me know.


Of course, twitter has been around for quite a while. The popularity of the service is booming, because it is becoming more and more mainstream now. I myself joined somewhere in the end of 2007, when it was still underground… :p

Do you (actively) use twitter? And if so, what’s your account, do you use it on your desktop / laptop / mobile device … and which client(s) do you use?

My Twitter info:

Installing my laptop after a repair

I’m reinstalling my laptop after I got it back from a repair… EMPTY (grrr).

What tools shouldn’t I forget when preparing this laptop to be my development machine? Already have Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, Office and the Windows Live tools installed… (and of course I have all kinds of tools at hand from my server like DebugView, Reflector and whatnot)


I know it has been a while since my last post, but I’m about to resurface! I’ve played in a musical the entire month of December and (because of that) we were busy getting our company up and running again in the new year. So now I’ll be developing more and I’ll probably have more things to blog about. So keep posted to see more stuff over here…

For now, here are some interesting articles about Microsoft’s Surface:

I will return…

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks. Between (the announcements at) all the congresses to follow like PDC and Tech·Ed, all the projects to do, the rehearsal for the musical I’m in in December (Dutch) and the start of our new company (Dutch), I didn’t have a lot of time to blog…

Since we expect things to settle down in the next couple of days, I’m expecting to pick up where I left in a week or so. Hang in there, and if you have any subjects you would like me to blog about or any questions you would like answered: let me know. Oh, and try to keep those subjects and/or questions development related. ;)

PS I’m guessing you know why I didn’t title this post “I’ll be back” :)