Microsoft Touch Mouse, Visual Studio (2012) and scrolling

My Microsoft Touch Mouse stopped scrolling in Visual Studio on my Windows 8 machine some time ago. Because this kills productivity, I wanted to fix the problem. After trying some things I found that the problem only occurred when I ran Visual Studio as Administrator. Searching a bit further I found this bug to be added to Microsoft Connect. I found a workaround for the problem:

  • Go to the location where you have Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center installed
  • Open up the properties of ipoint.exe
  • Set it to Run as Administrator
  • Kill and restart ipoint.exe (or restart the machine)
  • Welcome back scrolling in Visual Studio…!

Hope this helps

HowTo: Have Visual Studio always run as administrator on Windows 8

In my previous post I wanted my Visual Studio to ‘Run as Administrator’ on my Windows 8 machine. I only managed to get this working for the pinned taskbar icon and not for items in the jumplist or for items you open by double clicking them. The solution to check the box ‘Run as Administrator’ on the compatibility tab of the file properties for devenv.exe was not a solution, because there is no more Compatibility tab in Windows 8 :).
But there is a way to have devenv.exe always ‘Run as Administrator’. Here’s how:

  • Right click devenv.exe en select Troubleshoot compatibility (first picture)
  • Select the option ‘Troubleshoot program’ after the wizard has finished detecting issues
  • Choose the ‘The program requires additional permissions’ option (second picture). The wizard will apply the ‘Run as Administrator’ setting to devenv.exe
  • Click ‘Test the program…’ (third picture – the wizard requires this) and close the wizard
  • Enjoy!


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