Blu-Ray coming to the Xbox 360?

I’m not entirely sure about the article on Digitimes. One of the reasons is because it was posted on April first. Another reason is the way it is written. But if it turns out to be true, I’m going to have to get a Blu-Ray player for my Xbox 360… ;)

A quote from the article:

Lite-On IT is developing built-in Blu-ray Disc-(BD) ROM drives for the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console, according to industry sources. Lite-On declined to comment, citing client confidentiality.
Lite-On’s shipments of the BD ROMs to Microsoft will start in the second half of 2008, the sources added. Lite-On is currently one of the suppliers of Xbox 360-use internal DVD-ROM drives.

Read the entire article over here (you be the judge…): Lite-On developing BD-ROM drives for Xbox 360, sources say

Microsoft has denied that Lite-On is developing blu-ray drives for the Xbox. And I guess that makes the Digitimes article just another rumour about blu-ray and Xbox 360. But… they are not denying they’re coming with a blu-ray drive ;)

The article starts out with:
Microsoft has insisted that Lite-on will not be making Blu-ray drives for its Xbox 360, despite widespread internet rumours to the contrary.

Read the full article at TechRadar: Microsoft: Lite-On NOT making Blu-ray drive.

My games list

Recently I put up a list of my Xbox 360 games. I’ll try to keep it up to date. I must say it’s difficult to choose which game to get next. There are so many good titles out! Assassins Creed, Need for Speed ProStreet, Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare, and more…

Want to join me when gaming online? My gamertag is OZGump (see my gamercard).

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Nerd alert?

I have lots of games for my Xbox 360 I still need to / want to finish, like The Orange Box and Bioshock. And despite this, I’ve been working ‘non-stop’ behind my laptop for the last two evenings to prepare it for Visual Studio 2008, and to download and install it. It’s almost time… ;)

I can’t wait to get busy with the final version of Visual Studio 2008 and stuff like LINQ, extension methods, anonymous types, lambda expressions and so on. Let’s do this!

HALO 3: my (first) 2 cents

The single player mode feels like a multiplayer game, with excellent gameplay. Certain parts of the game are pretty creepy, and I like it that there are some surprising elements in there. Sometimes you expect something to happen, which doesn’t. And when you least expect it…. So the (story in the) game is original. That makes a game interesting to play. One of the things I like a lot is that you can use almost everything your opponents use, like vehicles and weapons
The multiplayer part is just great. I played online with some friends this weekend, and we had a blast!

Me like … !

By the way: I somehow lost my saved game. I already reached the sixth level, but when I started playing yesterday, the only option I had was ‘Start solo game’ in stead of ‘Continue solo game’. I’m in level three again, but that kinda sucks. Maybe it has something to do with my Xbox freezing up when I used it as a media center extender. On the other hand, that might be odd, because Halo wasn’t even running at that point.

Halo 3 betalicious video

A Halo 3 video has been posted at the Microsoft website, which can be found through the Bungie website. The article containing the link starts out with this next sentence:

Maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t… but around Microsoft, Mr. Jukes has established a name for himself as a tireless, hardcore and fanatical player of Halo who isn’t too shabby in the video production department either.

You can find the complete article here. But most important: take a look at the video which is available here (right click, save target as). I think it displays great gameplay and nice image rendering. I know one thing for sure: that game will be mine as soon as it’s available. What a great time we live in ;).

By the way:
Before you check out Mr. Jukes’ Halo 3 video debut, please keep in mind that this video was produced using the internal beta version of Halo 3. This means it’s a bit older than what the rest of the world will start playing in the next few days. It also means that it has all sorts of debug text all over it – this won’t be in the version you get your hands on. And, this was fully sanctioned and approved by Bungie – unlike some of those other “leaked” videos that have ended up online.

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