Microsoft DevDays ‘09, I’m attending!

Thanks to our friends at Microsoft (and their great BizSpark program) I will be able to attend DevDays ‘09! We won tickets because we updated our company profile and added projects at the Discover Metro site. Normally attending this kind of event is not available to young startups like ours, but now it is!

I’ll be seeing you @ The Hague next week :)

Finally, a way to preview your site in all (important) browsers

I just read this great article by Mark Voermans: Expression Web SuperPreview: Look how your site renders in various Browsers

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for this for a long, LONG time. I’ll give it a go this afternoon and let you know what I think…

This first beta version only allows you to preview your site in different versions of Internet Explorer. We will have to wait for the full feature set until the final release of this tool…

Taken from the SuperPreview site:

This free download will allow you to compare renderings of IE6 with whatever other version of IE you have installed on your machine. If you have installed IE8, you’ll be able to compare IE6, IE8 and IE8 running in IE7 compatibility mode, side-by-side.

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Of course, twitter has been around for quite a while. The popularity of the service is booming, because it is becoming more and more mainstream now. I myself joined somewhere in the end of 2007, when it was still underground… :p

Do you (actively) use twitter? And if so, what’s your account, do you use it on your desktop / laptop / mobile device … and which client(s) do you use?

My Twitter info:

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Article ‘de MediaGarde’ online

The article about our company that was placed in two Dutch magazines can now be found on our website (and of course, this one is in Dutch).

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Fix available for IE8 asp:menu problem

I just read an interesting article on Bertrand Le Roy’s blog. The most important information:

It so happens that the menu control is making a bad assumption on what the default value for z-index should be. We debated this at length with the IE team, but it became clear as we did so that they were right and that we were wrong. We had to fix that.

So here it is, the patch for menu is out and you can apply it to build IE8-compatible ASP.NET WebForms sites…

Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003:

Windows Vista, Server 2008:

(the KB article is not yet ready but will be published shortly)

Read the entire article over here:

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Our company at

Our company has been mentioned in an article at the (pretty well-known) blog

Read it over here (Dutch):

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In this mode, command line arguments will not be passed to the executable

When trying to pass some command line arguments to a Console Application, I got the following message: “The current project settings specify that the project will be debugged with specific security permissions. In this mode, command line arguments will not be passed to the executable. Do you want to continue debugging anyway?” (see image)

The current project settings specify that the project will be debugged with specific security permissions.  In this mode, command line arguments will not be passed to the executable.  Do you want to continue debugging anyway? 

I didn’t run in to this earlier, but yesterday it suddenly popped up. But I did change my zone security, so that might be of some influence… Apparently, this is because of the Debug in Zone settings you can find at the Security tab of your project properties. Deselecting the ‘Enable ClickOnce Security Settings’ checkbox will solve this ‘problem’ for you.

For more information about Code Access Security, take a look over here:

Installing my laptop after a repair

I’m reinstalling my laptop after I got it back from a repair… EMPTY (grrr).

What tools shouldn’t I forget when preparing this laptop to be my development machine? Already have Visual Studio, SQL Management Studio, Office and the Windows Live tools installed… (and of course I have all kinds of tools at hand from my server like DebugView, Reflector and whatnot)

HowTo: Add a body onload script to a page that uses a MasterPage

When you use a MasterPage to define the design of your website, you might come across the problem that there is no body element in a web content form. This can be a problem when you want to add an onload script to a specific page. You could of course add the onload on the MasterPage, but you might not want the script to run on every page. There are several workarounds to fix this ‘problem’. The one I used last week was to do the following:

  1. Add the runat=”server” tag on the body in the MasterPage
  2. Add a unique ID on the body in the MasterPage
  3. Add a method to the MasterPage to set the onload for the body. This might look a bit like this (of course you can also have the script for the load be a parameter for the method):
       1: internal void SetBodyLoad()
       2: {
       3:     MasterPageBody.Attributes.Add("onLoad", "initialize()");
       4: }
  4. Add this line of code in the Page_Load of the page you want to have the onload:
       1: ((MasterPageName)Master).SetBodyLoad();


This worked for me! Hope this helps.

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I know it has been a while since my last post, but I’m about to resurface! I’ve played in a musical the entire month of December and (because of that) we were busy getting our company up and running again in the new year. So now I’ll be developing more and I’ll probably have more things to blog about. So keep posted to see more stuff over here…

For now, here are some interesting articles about Microsoft’s Surface:

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